Voting For Recreational Cannabis in Missouri

Here’s What You Need to Know:

You may have heard by now that recreational adult use for Missourians is on this year’s ballot. There is a lot of information surrounding the initiative, making it difficult to decide what information is reputable. Rest assured, we are here to help. At the beginning of the year there were a handful of petitions circulating Missouri. Legal MO 2022 collected enough signatures to make its way to the ballot for this November, BUT before we celebrate, we have only cleared half the course. The true celebration will come once enough of us get out and vote YES for its passage.

It\’s one thing to have the initiative on the ballot, still a feat deserving of praise, but it’s a whole other ball game to ensure enough voters make it to the polls on November 8th. There is still plenty of time to register to vote for the upcoming election. If you need to register or check your registration you can do so at

Missourians have very patiently waited their turn for legal cannabis & after the Medicinal Program passed with flying colors, it’s no surprise that 4 years later we are ready to vote for adult recreational use- but what does that mean for you as an already legal medical patient?

The passage of Legal Mo would directly strengthen the Missouri MMJ program by extending the time a patient/caregiver ID is valid from one year to three years. In addition to extended licenses, the $100 growing fee will be cut in half & also extended to three years as opposed to the current one year. Over the last several years obtaining a medical license has not been easy for many patients who don’t have access to reliable internet or devices to get them through the almost solely digital process of obtaining a medical license. The extended licenses will certainly ease the minds of patients having to renew each year, giving them the confidence, they need to maintain their medical licenses. In addition to extended time on licenses, Legal Mo also allows nurse practitioners to do MMJ certifications, making in person appointments much more accessible.

Legal Mo provides several legal protections for the cannabis community of Missouri including employment protection.

“The new law would prevent employers from discriminating against cannabis patients in hiring, firing, and/or other disciplinary measures if not related to drug use or intoxication on the job.”- bringing peach of mind to hundreds of licensed MMJ holders. According to Legal Mo, “Law enforcement agencies investigating possible illegal cannabis grow and sales operations would be required, before seeking a search warrant, to first check with DHSS whether their target is licensed by the state as a home cultivator, patient, or caregiver. – Specifically evidence of cannabis alone, without specific evidence indicating that the cannabis is outside of what is lawful for medical or adult use, cannot be the basis for a search of a patient or non-patient including their home, vehicle or other property.”

Not only does Legal Mo protect you from unlawful searches or incrimination, but it will also protect parents facing custody battles. “In family court a qualified MMJ patient can’t have that status be used to restrict custodial or parental rights to minor children.” For many current MMJ patients, this would be a huge sigh of relief.

With an overwhelming number of signatures and support it’s obvious we are ready to bring Recreational Adult Use to the Show Me State. Now it’s up to YOU to get out and vote this November 8th, 2022!

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Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

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