It’s My Medicine Canna-Stories: Real People, Real Medicine. Stacy R.

Stacy’s Canna-Story

Stacy R. is 32, married and a stay-at-home mom with three little boys. She struggled with mood swings, anxiety, and depression for most of her life. She tried coping with her feelings by using hard drugs and alcohol but knew that it was going to cost her her life if she continued down that path. Her doctor prescribed medications but they made her feel detached, so she did some research and decided to try cannabis. In Stacy’s words, “Cannabis has greatly improved my life. I’m seven years clean of my addiction!! I’m a wife to a wonderful man and a stay-at-home mom to 3 amazing kiddos. Cannabis has given me patience for them. Helped me be creative, fun, giggly, happy! It also helped me find new passions in life like the gym and running 5k marathons! I even found my green thumb as a new legal Missouri cultivator! My life has taken a complete turn from the path I was on. I am very fortunate and blessed.”

This is what Stacy would say to people who are hesitant to try cannabis. “I would say to anyone wanting to try cannabis but are hesitant, reach out to your local dispensary or find a Medical Cannabis Care Giver. Join groups on the topic. Do your research on reliable websites. The more you know the more comfortable you will be at taking that first step. It is never too late to make a change. If you’re feeling different inside and don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route, give cannabis a try.”

Cannabis is Stacy’s Medicine!

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