Dispensary Advertising

What Missouri Patients Should Know:

You may have noticed a major change in our text communications and advertising lately. In July, Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Regulatory Agency (Department of Health and Human Services) warned Missouri dispensaries that they may be in violation of state regulations by advertising sales, discounts, or specific products. Dispensaries were directed to stop any type of promotional advertising/events immediately. According to an email that was acquired by the St. Louis Dispatch, “The Department views a promotional event as an activity, advertisement, or publicity designed to increase interest in purchasing medical marijuana or a particular product or brand of medical marijuana. For example, facilities are not allowed to advertise price discounts on a particular product because that would result in disbursing medical marijuana as part of a promotional event. “

In other words, our social media, text messaging service, and any other advertising has been greatly restricted except for very basic information. We realize how frustrating this has been  and want to make sure we do our best to communicate with our Patients, while remaining compliant with state regulations. As the medical program continues to mature in Missouri, we have nothing but “high hopes 😉” for new law interpretations and freedom of advertising, but in the meantime, we want to thank our Patients for sticking it out with us as we all continue to blaze the way for legal cannabis in Missouri.

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