Cannabis & Holiday Stress

Discreet Options for Staying Medicated this Holiday Season

The upcoming weeks will be filled with gatherings, cooking, prepping, planning, gift wrapping, lots of money spending, and everything in between. As the holidays close in it’s important to find the time and space to take a deep breath and destress, but who has time for that when there’s a ham that needs cooked!?

Many Missourians are turning to cannabis to decompress and help ease stress and anxiety. But what about Uncle Bob finding out? A lot of us are still fighting the great fight of ending the cannabis stigma. For many of us, medicating at a family event is even more taboo than cannabis itself, and while we want Uncle Bob on board, we realize this just isn’t always going to be the case. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone in this- many of us are still facing the negative stigma surrounding cannabis. On the bright side, if you’re not looking to cause a dinner scuffle just yet- there are more discreet options of medicating to help keep those more stressful moments at bay. 

Edibles are going to be the most discreet way to medicate without leaving any smell behind. Missouri Health & Wellness offers a full edible line up ranging from chocolates & gummies to honey and & capsules. There are even some fun holiday flavors hitting shelves to add some extra holiday spice! Many patients prefer edibles to smoking not only for their discreetness, but also their effectiveness.

If edibles aren’t really your jam, another discreet form of medicating would be a vaporizer. These are also known as cartridges and typically come threaded to be screwed into a battery- or a pen. Missouri Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of cartridges ranging in strains and dosages. When medicating with a vaporizer, the only thing you must do is ensure your battery is charged, other than that it’s practically effortless. Some cartridges will expel a mild cannabis smell upon use, but the good thing about vaporizers is the smell tends to dissipate rather quickly. Vaporizers typically are going to have a higher THC content with the idea that a patient only needs 1-2 puffs to start feeling the effects, making it super convenient for discreetness.

So, whether you’re having an open conversation about cannabis at the dinner table, or hiding from Uncle Bob in the basement, there are options for you to medicate safely and discreetly. We hope you’ll stop in to one of our four locations so our Wellness Specialists can help find the perfect medicine for you over this holiday season. Afterall, it is your medicine.

Happy Holidays!

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