JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri Health & Wellness, a medical marijuana company licensed to operate five dispensaries in the state, announced today that its Washington location was recently approved by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to be one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in Missouri. With this approval, MH&W plans to open to the public as soon as medical marijuana becomes available to Missouri-licensed cultivators. MH&W also owns and operates dispensaries in Belton, Kirksville, Jefferson City and Sedalia.

“We are ready to go here in Washington and are excited to bring medical marijuana to Washington, Franklin County and the surrounding areas,” said Randy Stambaugh, MH&W’s statewide manager. Stambaugh said MH&W plans to have medical marijuana available for sale by early winter but hopes it might be sooner. He praised the local community for being supportive throughout the process.

“We want to thank everyone at the City of Washington as well as the Chief of Police and the Chamber of Commerce for their help in getting this facility up and running, Stambaugh said. “Everyone here has been great to work with and we are excited to be part of this fabulous community.”

MH&W’s ownership team combines professionals in the banking, legal, accounting, law enforcement, medical marijuana and healthcare fields. Kathleen Beebe, MH&W’s regional manager, is grateful that the COVID-19 Pandemic did not slow down the facility buildouts, and stated that: “We will have precautions and protocols in place, like social distancing and crowd control measures, so that when we open we can keep our employees and patients safe.”

The company’s ownership team includes several doctors and a clinical pharmacist who have studied marijuana and are looking forward to helping MH&W provide the people of Franklin and surrounding counties a safe alternative to opioids.  The owners, who are predominately from Missouri, have seen firsthand the transformative ability of medical marijuana to greatly enhance the quality of life for patients by providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, increasing sleep and more.  MH&W’s ownership team looks forward to providing safe access to medical marijuana and becoming an integral part of the Washington community.

MH&W has teamed up with Midwest Cannabinoid Clinics (MCC) to assist patients in obtaining their medical marijuana cards from the DHSS. MCC is a Missouri-operated clinic that provides secure and affordable telemedicine appointments for patients seeking a medical marijuana card and for those interested in learning more about cannabinoid products.  Anyone interested in obtaining a Missouri medical marijuana patient card can go to MH&W’s website at under the Patient Cards tab at the top and sign up for a consultation with MCC . 

The Washington dispensary is located just north of the Mercy Hospital parking lot at 901 E. First Street in Washington, Missouri.  No reservations are needed, but patients and other residents interested in medical marijuana are encouraged to call MH&W at (877) 999-6649 (MOHW), visit  or text “MWH” to (844) 983-4016 to sign up for updates.