What to expect from your first visit to a Dispensary

So you’ve finally decided to try medical cannabis. Maybe you’re a novice, or maybe you’ve been using it your whole life. Either way, a trip to a dispensary can be drastically different from what you are imagining. Dispensaries are medical facilities whose primary objective is to educate patients on the medicinal benefits of this sacred plant, and help each and every one of them find the products that will best alleviate their symptoms and suit their unique needs. Here are some tips and information about what you can expect from your first visit.

Be patient. Especially if you’re one of the brave souls choosing to visit a dispensary on their first day of business. If your state has just recently passed medical cannabis, understand that there could be hundreds of people just like you eagerly awaiting their chance to make a purchase. Know that each patient may have questions, and when it’s finally your turn in line you’ll get the same individualized attention as the patients before you.

Plan ahead. Be sure to bring your government issued ID, patient card, and cash. Most dispensaries don’t have the capability to accept cards and are cash only. Some dispensaries have their menus posted online and even their pricing. If you’re familiar with what products you’ll want to buy, research the products available at the dispensary of your choice and develop a budget.

There will be paperwork. Just like visiting a doctor’s office, medical dispensaries often require you to fill out a bit of paperwork. This isn’t just for the dispensary’s records, but for YOUR benefit. The more information you share the better recommendation your budtender can make.

Ask questions. There is no shame in asking questions. It is your budtender’s goal to make sure you feel knowledgeable and comfortable using your new medicine. Even if you’ve been using cannabis for a while, there’s always more to learn. This is your chance to ask away.

We don’t expect you to remember everything. Your first visit can be a little overwhelming. If this is your first-time using cannabis, you might feel bombarded with information. While we want you to be able to learn as much as you can, we don’t expect you to remember it all your first time. It’s also okay to call us when you get home if you forgot something. We will always be there to go over whatever areas you’re struggling with as many times as you need.

You don’t always get to see or smell. Unfortunately, not all cannabis comes to the dispensary in big glass jars we can take off the shelf and let you inspect. A lot of cannabis products come pre-packaged to the dispensary. This is to minimize handling of the buds, which helps maintain freshness and keeps your cannabis sanitary! Cannabis contains terpenes, which are organic compounds that produce an array of different aromas. Theses terpenes are also responsible for the variety of effects cannabis can cause. The more cannabis is handled, the greater the potential for these vital terpenes to be damaged.

Trust your budtender. We are here to help you. Cannabis is not a one-size-fits all medicine and sometimes requires a little bit of trial and error before finding the best products for your needs. But by being open and honest with your budtender, they can use their knowledge to make recommendations. After you’ve tried a few things, you can share what you liked, what worked, and what didn’t. From here budtenders can fine tune what works best for you.

Share the love. If you enjoyed your visit, were impressed with your budtender’s knowledge, or have any positive feedback, share the love! Leave a review, or comment on the dispensary’s social media so other people know where to go to have the same excellent experience.